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Ohio Homeowners Insurance to keep your family and your home safe.

Wherever life takes you, you want to be sure you and your family are taken care of in case of disaster. Whether you’ve decided on the home to raise your family in or are renting until you find the one, insurance is a must to protect your assets.

Homeowners Insurance vs Renters Insurance

Homeowner’s and renter’s insurance provide essentially the same coverages with specialties relating to whether the insured is a homeowner or a renter. Both insurances typically cover:

  • Personal possessions: If your possessions are stolen or destroyed in disaster like a fire, insurance may provide compensation or replacement value for the belongings.
  • Liability: If anyone gets injured or their property is damaged while on your property, you’ll want liability coverage.
  • Additional living expenses (ALE): ALE helps pay for living expenses if you must live somewhere else while your home or rental is under repair.
  • Pet liability*: Pet liability protects you in case of bodily injury or property damage done by your pet.

*Pet liability may come standard in renter’s insurance but is often an optional coverage for homeowners.

Homeowner’s insurance also provides coverage for the home structure and attachments, such as a garage. There are other structures that won’t always be covered such as liability for trampolines and pools. You may also consider coverage for identity theft and water or sewer backups, especially if you have a basement.

Do I Need Homeowners Insurance?

By law, you don’t need to own homeowner’s insurance. However, you may be required to have coverage by your lender. Homeowner’s insurance is incredibly important to have in case of an accident or disaster. If a tornado sweeps away your home, you don’t want to be left with the bills for the repair and must scrape up even more money for a new place to live in the meantime. If you’re renting, most landlords or homeowners will require you to have some level of renter’s insurance. It’s also important to cover your assets because your landlord’s property insurance won’t necessarily cover your stolen or damaged belongings.

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